The story of なるきろ ( N a r u k i r o ) . ..

  • Narukiyo, Aoyama, Tokyo135-0091 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Shibuya, 2 Chome-7-14

  • *なるきろ( N a r u k i r o ) 

    is a (mainly) clothing project by Narukiyo and Mitz (Chi-Rho inc.).

    The director of the line is Narukiyo Yoshida, the head chef of  Narukiyo,a beloved, iconic diner in Aoyama, Tokyo.

    なるきろfinds inspiration in things he has collected in the past —bringing them to life not to reproduce them but to reflect his thoughtson how elegant menswear can be or how just how neat some objects are.

    Although the clothes are not all Narukiyo’s merchandise or goods,if you have ever visited the restaurant,they will remind you of elements of it: odd and kinky but definitely beautiful,refined yet rustic, erotic and comfy…overall Narukiro leads to straightforward but expressive men’s clothing.

    The clothes (or objects) are released as a collection somewhat seasonally,but sometimes timing will be looser and released when it feels right.

  • Narukiyo at work

  • なるきろ とは



  • Façade of Narukiyo           なるきよ

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  • Façade of NARUKIRO           なるきろ

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